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Your Chrome Browser is Draining Your Battery

The evolution of cloud computing security standards

Given the broad spec­trum of mean­ings for cloud com­put­ing, it’s dif­fi­cult to ask for cloud secu­ri­ty stan­dards and get a com­pre­hen­sive answer that is applic­a­ble to all cloud ser­vice provi …


How to Attract the Best Employees to Your Small Business


The social network is killing in-app messaging for iPhone and Android users.


New Kindle Helps Readers Show Off By Shouting Title Of Book Loudly And Repeatedly 

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Motivational Monday: “You create your own opportunities.”

Motivational Monday: “You create your own opportunities.”

The office at Nevada Corporate Headquarters is moving today! Our phone lines will be down today from 3 PM PST until 7 PM PST. In the event they are not back up by 7 PM PST, we will update our website to reflect the expected day and time for reactivation.

Thank you for your patience during this exciting transition.