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Happy Monday, everybody.


Happy Monday, everybody.


What Documents Do You Need to Form an LLC?

Motivational Monday: “The art of moving forward lies in understanding what to leave behind.” - Seth Godin

No one wants to face failure, but even the most successful entrepreneurs experience their share. It’s simply part of the game. And, who knows? It could even serve as the foundation for something far bigger and better.

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Some business owners choose an LLC that has a lot of flexibility when it comes to filing taxes. They can be taxed like a sole proprietor, partnership, or even like a corporation. If you are the only member of your LLC, then you will be automatically treated like a sole proprietor. Most multiple member LLCs will be treated like a partnership. Check out our 60 Second Business tip for more information.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but our toll free numbers are currently down. You can, however, still reach us on our local number which is 702-873-3488. Again, we are terribly sorry for the inconvenience. 

Even if you carefully separate the business areas of your home from the residential portions, the existence of the home office can create conflicts that you wouldn’t face in an office located away from your home.  Is the type of business you’re considering suited to a home office? How will you deal with customers, clients, and suppliers? Check out this 60 Second Business tip for more information.